About TippingSports

TippingSports is betting tips management solution designed for all punters that bet for fun or professionally. Punters that want to keep track of their tips, share or automate their betting activity.

Main goal of web site is to offer you following services:

  • Save your tips history and prove to others that your tips are profitable
  • Analyse your betting tips history
  • Follow other tipsters and bet on their tips
  • Automatically notify all your followers when you add new tips (via email, Telegram, Twitter, web service etc.)
  • Automate betting on your tips by using betting bot or our web application

We can also offer you marketing, software and web site developments services in case that you want to automate your betting or promote your business.

If you run existing tipster service then please contact us as we are sure that we can help you automate your tipping and betting process.