Staking plans

Staking plans control the size of each bet that you place. Staking plan can increase/decrease your bet size after winning/losing bet or by using odds at which bet will be placed. There are many different staking plans and their logic can be quite different.

If your bets are breaking even with level stakes and you have solid strike rate, then it is very likely that by using staking plan you can turn things around and finish in profit. But there is also bad side of staking plans and that is higher stakes. If you get long losing run then your stakes might get too high and you might lose your betting bank. So some safety mechanism must be used, that will restart or stop your betting before stakes get too high. That is why you need to carefully analyze your tipping history and pick right staking plan for you and your betting bank.

Here is a list of most popular staking plans

More staking plans will be added to this page in future!