Frequently asked questions

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Yes, we have a very detailed manual that will help you get started and we strongly recommend that you take time to read it! Manual explains in detail each button, setting, page and it should help you get started with our website quickly!



To place tips you must first register.

Once you have registered and confirmed your email address you can start placing tips by using add new tips page.

Confirmation emails are sent automatically by our system immediately when you register.

Please check your spam/junk folder and make sure you add our email address to your safe list.

It is not possible to change your username because other users remember you and your tips by your username.


You can place new tips up to 5 minutes before event start time.

After 5 minutes before event start time you will no longer be able to place new tips.

Tips can be deleted within 120 seconds from the moment you placed them.

After that it is no longer possible to edit or delete your tip.

After 120 seconds from the moment you added tip, notifications will be sent to your followers e.g. email, twitter, telegram, unique link updated etc.

Automated betting

Bf Bot Manager V3 fully supports importing and betting on tips from

Buying tips

At tipster profile page you will find "follow" or "subscribe" button.

Click on "subscribe" button will take you to buy page if tipster is selling tips.

If tipster tips are free, then you will be subscribed to that tipster tips after you click "follow" button.