Sell betting tips

Selling your betting tips is best way to increase profit from your betting without having to stake larger amounts of money. Increasing your bet size can get you in problem with bookmakers or get your account charged premium fees if you keep winning. To avoid all that you can simply sell your betting tips information and earn money without increasing your betting stakes.

At you can offer to sell your betting tips to all our visitors. Selling betting tips at is easy and here are main advantages:

  • you can add tips at any time of day
  • your followers will be notified automatically
  • your followers can set up automated solution to bet on your tips that will work 24/7 without their intervention
  • there are no maintenance, server, web site or any other work/cost at your end, you just need to register and publish your tips regularly
  • all communication and support for your subscribers is done by us
  • all our advertising will also advertise your tipping services
  • it is free to get started and offer your tips, as we will take commission only from money that you make from sales

Obviously it costs you nothing to try it out, you just need to be consistent and publish your tips regularly. But for anyone to buy your tips you must have good reputation. This means that you should create your tipping history at and publish your tips for few months to prove that your betting tips are profitable before trying to sell your tips. Proven record of profitable betting tips history is crucial for your sales.

Another thing that will help you sell your tips is your profile page. You should write good description about your betting experience and at what sports you mostly place your bets. When people can expect your betting tips to be published and at what sport events. Profile page is like your betting CV, except that you are not looking for a job, you are trying to sell your betting services. So make it look good and informative.

Selling requirements

Before we accept your application to sell betting tips at you must meet certain requirements. Some of those requirements are:

  • you must have active account for at least 6 months
  • your tipping history at must be profitable, genuine, consistent and public
  • your account must not exceed loss of -10 points in any single month
  • you must post tips regularly, with minimum of 30 tips per month
  • your profile page must have all details about you and your tipping in English language
  • you must read and accept our terms and conditions

If you meet these requirements then please contact us to discuss upgrading your account.

More information

If you have friends or subscribers that follow your betting advice, please register and contact us to help you automate your and your subscribers tipping and betting. We are sure that we can help you automate your tipping and sell your tips.