VPS - Virtual Private Server

When following tipster tips it is crucial that you get bets placed on all tips. Best solution to do that is to use automated betting software like Bf Bot Manager. Once you have betting bot that will do work for you then only thing left to do is to run that bot 24/7. This is the part where Virtual Private Server (VPS) can help you.

VPS is remote server that is up and running all the time. It is constantly connected to internet, has high speed and very reliable internet connection. You can access VPS from anywhere and from any device, which allows you to easily check your betting bot and your bets.

VPS runs on Windows operating sytem, you access it by using remote desktop connection and use it in the same way you use your home computer or laptop. When you close your remote desktop connection server keeps working, it does not shut down or go to sleep mode. It keeps working 24/7, which means that your betting bot also keeps working.

When choosing VPS it is important that you pick reliable hosting company. For more than 5 years we are using SimplyHosting to run our betting bots. They have proven to be extremely fast, reliable and their customer service is fantastic.

Here is a list of advantages when running bot on VPS:

  • up and running 24/7
  • high speed internet connection to exchange servers
  • access VPS from anywhere and from any device
  • reduces your local bandwidth overhead
  • UK based IP address
  • hosting company gives 99.99% uptime guarantee

We tested SimplyHosting VPS server internet connection speed and results are displayed on SpeedTest image below.

Speed test