Fibonacci staking plan

Fibonacci staking plan will increase your stake by using Fibonacci sequence. This allows you to know your stake for each bet and calculate required betting bank for long losing runs.

In mathematical terms the sequence is defined by following relation:

F(n) = F(n-1) + F(n-2)

This means that next bet value is calculated as sum of previous two values.

By default sequence value is increased on every losing bet and restarted on first winning bet or when it reaches the end of sequence. There are many variations of this staking plan, like the one where sequence goes back only few steps instead of restarting on winning bet. Or the one where you keep using last sequence value until you win.

At right side we can see sequence example for initial stakes of £1 for first bet and £2 for second bet. Tenth bet will have size of £89 and you will need betting bank of at least £231 to place those 10 bets.

Stake is not adjusted by odds at which you will bet, which means that your profit can be high if you bet at high odds. But if you bet at low odds then you might not win enough to recover all your loses.

Chart below shows us that as your stake increases by Fibonacci sequence that minimum required odds to recover all your loss will also increase. But this stops at odds of 2.62. This means that if you follow Fibonacci sequence and increase your stake then maximum odds at which you will ever need to bet to recover all your loss are 2.62. If you bet at higher odds then you will recover all your loss and get profit.

For example, twelfth bet of £233 at odds of 2.8 will create profit of £419.4 which is enough to recover previous losses of £375 and it will also give us profit of £44.4.

We created Excel worksheet that you can use to enter different initial stakes and automatically get Fibonacci staking plan estimates for bet sizes and required betting bank.


Bet Stake Required betting bank Min required odds to recover all loss
1 £1 £1 1.5
2 £2 £3 2.0
3 £3 £6 2.2
4 £5 £11 2.38
5 £8 £19 2.46
6 £13 £32 2.52
7 £21 £53 2.56
8 £34 £87 2.58
9 £55 £142 2.60
10 £89 £231 2.60
11 £144 £375 2.60
12 £233 £608 2.61
fibonacci chart